Free Indeed

Our Vision + Purpose

Hundreds of individuals at Mid-Cities have found Free Indeed to be a life-altering experience as they learn God’s heart for their healing and freedom, who they truly are in Christ, how to hear God, and how to walk in the authority of Jesus.

They also learn how to war against the enemy in spiritual realms and to claim the freedom and healing that was given on the Cross. Free Indeed is offered several times a year and usually can be attended on either Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings.

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Fall Free Indeed Classes

Free Indeed has become a foundational experience for believers at Mid-Cities. It is comprised of 7 weeks of teaching and small group discussion followed by a weekend designed to help you experience healing and freedom in Jesus. 

Join us on Wednesday and Sunday nights this Fall. Due to increaseing interest in this class we have two classes taking place this semester.  Fall Classes wil begin this year on October 18. 

Register here for our Wednesday Night Class.

Register here for our Sunday Night Class. 



  • God's promise of freedom and healing at the heart of the gospel.
  • The power and authority given to every believer to overcome the assaults of the enemy.
  • How to experience God in intimate converation where healing can be found.
  • Solid, biblical understanding of the spiritual roots of pain, failure, and broken relationships.
  • How to secure God's healing and freedom for a transformed life by partnering with God through agreement, prayer, and powerful declarations.

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