Spring Equip Classes | Wednesday Evenings at 7 PM 

Starting March 25  

Equip classes are designed to help you grow spiritually in numerous areas of your life and to help you connect in relationships with your spiritual family. Children’s ministry is available for all ages.  

Free Indeed | Cost $35

This eight-week class is designed to bring healing to your past and freedom to your future. In this interactive study, you will learn the source of your pain and your limitations and will learn God’s solutions for those hindrances in your life. This class will also explore spiritual warfare and its place in our healing and freedom. The class culminates in an all day Saturday activation we call Freedom Weekend.  

Register - 191 Campus - Men's Class

Register - 191 Campus - Women's Class


Gifted | No Cost

This 6-week class will provide an overview of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The class will give special emphasis to the gifts of healing, prophecy and tongues for those who desire them.

Register - 191 Campus