Dream Team

There are a number of ministries at Mid-Cities that help serve.

These are essential ministries that may go unnoticed by many but without which congregational life at Mid-Cities could not happen. Use your gifts and talents to serve at Mid-Cities on one of our many ministry teams. If you want more information on any of these ministries, feel free to contact the ministry leader who is listed.

Click Serve at Mid-Cities to fill out the Serve form.  

Mid-Cities Kids - Early Childhood

Do you love working with kids? Early Childhood is for children ages birth through 6 years old. Our Volunteers help care for kids, teach them about Christ, and help make the child's experience at Kid-Cities awesome!

Interested in serving with Early Childhood? Email earlychildhood@midcities.org.


Mid-Cities Kids - Elementary 

Elementary is made up of students in grades 1-5. Elementary volunteers kids about Jesus in a way that's understandable for them, and easy to put in practice. Plus the kids have a blast doing all these things. Join the team!

Interested in serving with Elementary? Email jonathan.purkey@midcities.org.


United Youth 

United Youth is made up of awesome Middle School and High School students who are eager to encounter Jesus. We have several opportunities for you to come and serve with us! United High School meets on Wednesdays nights at our 191 Campus and United Middle School meets on Sunday mornings at each of our campuses. If you're passionate about leading students and helping them grow in Christ, we would love to have you!

Interested in serving with United? Email united@midcities.org.


Missions Cafe

Missions Cafe serves awesome breakfast every Sunday morning. All proceeds from the Cafe help fund missions across our community and the world! We would love for you to join the team!

Interested in serving with the Missions Cafe? Email Angie Almand, Missions Director, at angie.almand@midcities.org.


Guest Services

Greeters, Parking lot attendants, Guest Central and much more! Our Guest Services volunteers are essential to creating a great environment at Mid-Cities! They receive Church guests with smiling faces, answering questions, and anything in between.

Interested in serving with Guest Services? Email ken.noble@midcities.org.


Worship Team

Do you have a passion for leading people into worship? Whether you be a vocalist or a musician, your talent can be used throughout multiple venues on campus. We would love for you to join the team!

Interested in serving with Worship? Email Lane Oliver, Worship Pastor, at lane.oliver@midcities.org.


Tech Arts

Media, Camera, Lights, and Audio are tools that Mid-Cities uses to deliver the best worship services possible. From running our live stream to Sunday morning worship, or running sound for a service during the week, our volunteers truly are amazing! Come be a part of all the awesome things God has in store in the Mid-Cities Tech Arts Ministry.

Interested in serving with Tech Arts? Email Bryan Ramsey, Technical Arts Director, at bryan.ramsey@midcities.org.


Group Leaders

Mid-Cities Groups help the church family connect and create Christ-centered relationships. From kids to elders, there is a group for all people who are a part of Mid-Cities to be connected to, which means we are always on the lookout for awesome group leaders who can help grow people in their relationship with God.

Interested in serving with Adult Groups? Email groups@midcities.org



Thank you for your interest in serving at Mid-Cities! Click this Serve at Mid-Cities link to begin the Serving Process.