Thank you for wanting to learn more about Mid-Cities Church.

Our Vision

Reaching:  We reach people by engaging our lost world with The Gospel. Resource: The God Test

Growing:  We help others grow by getting them established in: the faith, the Word, and community. Resource: One2One Book, The Purple Book, Connect Four

Sending:  People we’ve reached are now reaching others with The Gospel.

Our Mission

Our desire is to accomplish this in an authentic, intentional, and Spirit-led way. As a church, we want to be intentional with how we live, authentic in how we live, and led by the Holy Spirit in everything we do.

Authentic: Authentic means to be genuine and transparent about the realities of the Christian life as well as our own challenges in the faith. To be authentic is to put away any pretense of perfection. It is simply being real and open about our lives.

Intentional: Intentional means that we consciously make decisions to do certain things that will facilitate our spiritual growth and service to God. We understand that mature discipleship does not happen by accident.

Spirit-led: Spirit-led means that the Holy Spirit directs us in all our actions and decisions. We seek God's counsel not only through the Word but also by sensing or hearing the Holy Spirit lead us in our decisions and responses.

Our People

Mid-Cities also belongs to an organization known as Every Nation Ministries. Every Nation is a worldwide family of churches and ministries that exists to honor God and advance His Kingdom through church planting, campus ministry, and world missions.

Its goal is to reach “every nation in our generation”.